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about the UFO TV series

UFO is a British television science fiction series created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson and produced by the Anderson's and Lew Grade's Century 21 Productions for Grade's ITC Entertainment company.
UFO first aired in the UK in 1970 and in US syndication over the next two years. In all, 26 episodes, including the pilot, were filmed over the course of more than a year.

The UFO spaceship: The extraterrestrial spacecraft can readily cross the vast distances between their planet and ours, but are only large enough for one or two crewmembers. Their time on station is limited; UFOs can only survive for a couple of days in the Earth's atmosphere before they heat up, deteriorate, and finally explode. The alien craft can survive for far longer underwater, however; one episode deals with the discovery of a secret undersea alien base. In flight they are surrounded by horizontally-spinning vanes and emit a distinctive pulsing electronic whine (actually produced by series composer Barry Gray on an Ondes Martenot). The craft is armed with a laser-type weapon, but can be destroyed by conventional explosives.

about our UFO model

For first we must say that we have started this project as a "Garage Kit", produced in VERY limited edition by professional modelmaker (us) for UFO TV series fans and also for ourself (always us) and for our own pleasure. ;)

The shape and the size of our model is the result of numerous iconographic researches, starting from collectors material to DVD frame grabs.
During this research we had confirmation of something that we just know: the UFO props used in the series are different from episode to episode, with minor or sometimes mayor differences in details and sizes.
Our action of "reverse engineering" at the end take a mayor basis from some studio pictures (for the size) and from the Phil Rae UFO blueprints (UFO Type 2).
We find the Philip Rae
blueprints coherent with one of the original model from the series, so we considered his technical projects of the alien spacecraft very reliable.
We know that one of the original models (UFO type 1?) have a "flat" shape on the lower clear dome and it don't have a "flat cylinder" silver base as the "UFO type 2" but we preferred to make the "UFO type 2" because its general shape is much more beautiful.

You can see above (in the "shape comparision" pictures) the result of our work comparing our model to the frame grabs of the series
The only thing that we don't add to our model are spikes sticking out of the surface of the dome (Visible in the
Phil Rae blueprints), to which the wires were attached for "flying" the UFO during the shots.
By the way: the striped inner base of our model can appear you like a "soup plate", but is only a natural effect of "lens distortion" of the lower clear base - you can see this distortion also in some frame grabs of the tv show. Its actual shape is like the Phil Rae blueprints (see below).

the Phil Rae blueprint
(click to enlarge)

the Phil Rae blueprint
(click to enlarge)


  • Studio Scale model prop hand-crafted one by one
  • Limited, signed and numbered edition of 25 pieces
  • Size: diameter 25 Centimetres (9.8 Inches)
  • Materials: resin, PETG for the clear domes and plexyglass for the "arms"
  • Scale: N/A
  • All the models will came with their own cardboard box with artwork (art by Luca Oleastri).
    The boxes artworks are an artistic interpretation of the model and there are some little differences from the finished model (as you can see in the pictures)


  • MODEL KIT - £155 GBP (United Kingdom Pounds), 210 EUR (Euro), $300 USD (United States Dollars) + shipping

Because the models are hand-crafted and made one by one
allow two woking weeks for shipping (from funds clearance)


Our model kits contain small parts that can present
a choking hazard to small children.
All our model products are intended for ages 12 and up.